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Monday, October 5, 2009

My weekends begins

when I saw Amanda after 3 months. She is now almost 5th month.

She is Adorable





anyting u can describe for the beautiful baby!

I purposely bring camera and snaps all her expression!

Loves her smile and Innocent looks

cubit cubit~

The next day morning...

Kw plan take me to Putrajaya Botanical Garden ,Precinct 1, to cycle~

So excited...

but when we finished taking one round drive in the park

All the bicycle already fully rented!!!

yaya,they only have few bicycles

and I want cycle !

but I keep on mentioning steps my feet on the ground

act like a small kid!! no...joking
So dear promised to take me there cycle again next week. (correct??)

Actually tis is small dam

Beutiful morning lake~
I wish i can stay in the house there
This garden have lake side cafe!!!!!
should be romantic place~
canopy bridge...vine garden...etc
besides this garden, there are lots more garden on that side.
Putrajaya Wetlands
-u can have lots of water activity such as boating..jog,cycling,fishing etc~
Putrajaya lakes
-nice to take pictures there!
stick yourself to the environment!

here I end with cute Amanda's scene





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