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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
What are the communication tools today?
Handphones, sms, mms, 3G, email, msn, friendster (last time), facebook. nowadays like even u can communicate in twitter, plurk, ...wat else?blog!

Proudly announced, I involves in all these communication tools!

It's rather convenient and I do not know wat will happen if i could not use my handphones when I'm in S'pore without roaming.(i need to train how to use a public phone!)

Yet, these communication tools do brings a lot of trouble and also messed my life several times due to misunderstand.

First discussions---SMS:
started sms when we have a handphone. ppl tends to write as short as possible to avoid sending off too many smses (save money) or LAZY in pressing the keypad!!! Now, with the function of touchscreen, i wonder ppl lazy to touch as well as 'touching' using finger tips do not waste much energy. =.=

when u imagine, the shortest one sms like 'k', doesn't seems the answer of everything when u asked: "are u coming for gathering tonight?" , and didn't even asked like where or when. Another answer that make u scratch ur head is when u did not get any reply at all! then u get blame for not asking them out after they saw ur gathering photo posted up in ur facebook! (infect, is ur friend posted and tagged u up!)Why not just call?!!!! Sad is that, some people just won't charge their handphones or make it silence or no credits. Why bring a handphone?????
Bring several then!!!

But then handphones is always the best way to get in touch even everywhere (except cave or under the sea). U can avoid calls as well when u don like tat person.(personal view only, I avoid unknown calls only)

Second discussion---phone calls:
phone calls hardly brings misunderstanding. However the voice getting trough your ears might sound differently as you thought. For example: he's on the other side sound up set/down, and u thought he feels sleepy over your conversation. Then you started to burst out loud, on the other side he feels disappointed u do not get what he means. Fights and arguments always begins when this happens.

well, we often get misunderstandings even we talk face to face! Voice trough frequency even worsen the situations as u cannot see one's expressions and you could only judge by silly voice. when this happens, stop the conversations immediately, meet out one day and talk!

Third discussions---Facebook/twitter/plurk/blog/any other web accounts
Serious matters happens when comments, pictures that being post up. Worst still when your parent or boss added you as friends. Nowadays, we do expressed our feelings via this tools. Hopping people will make as much comments and replying as tou you are famous! When Parents or Boss getting involves in your friend list,it would not be a good thing to share everything.

Still remember the diaries? We wrote on books, and we don wish anyone to see it. We keep to ourselves, and also being a part of stressed releasing way. Now, you blogged/facebooked everything on web, everyone could see it. You private it, and do you think it is safe? So it's better not to post up everything or every feelings which you think is not sensitive, but others might think they are. Keep your necessary secrets.

Pictures plays the most important roles! Visions or by looking at the picture might give serious wrong messages or misunderstandings!! being taking pictures with others, standing close together, opposite sex---think! "oh, A is B's gf!" and here the rumours spread. Oh my god~ "why they both standing so near to each other?seems like not ordinary relations ya~**keep assuming**" whereas in real positions that A & B just standing front and back, not even touching! Then one of world largest and powerful XNN send out the signals.......**enjoy the show~**

accounts~ sharing accounts...(normally happens to couple) remembering your significant other's passwords... you can logged in n check whatever you want, post whatever you want. I'm not sure bout how's everyone thinks. But I personally do not think sharing account is a good idea. Unless... Create another extra account just for you both. Although ur partner thinks it's okay to let you have the account passwords, to show that he/she do not cheat or let you see everything in the inbox, it doesn't mean he/she would like you to change their things. We all have our privacy! for example, you post a photo, then u logged out, go into ur partner's account, and use ur partner's account to comment the photo that you had just posted! Sound crazy!!!! By having your partner account,doesn't seems to be doing all these, Is that your partner have to write the comment him/herself. If meaning at all. geezzz! Or the other way, Post a photo on ur partner's album, and you comment with your own account. That's why trust is important. By having trust, you need not have to check everything your partner did. Of course, the partner have to take the action to let you feel trusted.

Internet world have no privacy!

***ps: Sorry if I did say anything improper, I just wrote what I think...


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: December 16, 2009 at 3:58 PM said...

yea so true babe..sms/msn sometime ppl write too many shortform til i cant und..then some ppl msn got TOO MAN icons..all chuck together in one sentence so complicated!!! my fb acc many ppl got.. hahaha some of them is for game purposes.. i got my bf acc p.w too.. but i didnt go use his acc comment other so gila lar.. got help him uploads pic lar =))

{ Blur Pei } at: December 16, 2009 at 4:19 PM said...

=) ya~

{ Michael Keeneth } at: December 16, 2009 at 8:14 PM said...

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{ cklim } at: December 18, 2009 at 2:59 AM said...

haha, we are on the forefront of IT :-p




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