A day begin in S'pore

Monday, December 21, 2009
**Full of Pictures**

I could not imagine i just went there with YC.
I still remember the 1st thing she asked me via msn: wanna go Singapore?
I said: Yes
and wait till i applied leave (i din get the leave!) then I booked bus tickets. Here We go!
We started to plan everything.
We took 8.30pm bus and reached there at bout 1.30am.
(the bus has individual TV for every seats! http://www.firstcoach.com/)

WE stayed in YC's cousin's house:

She gave us one room to mess with! (this is 1st day arrival, not that messy yet)
And the next day, our plan all changed coz her cousin's husband suggest go other place
He can fetch us there. =)

We slept at 3.30am and woke at 7.30am.
We are just too excited!
We did the make up (hiao hiao)
thick until no one in M'sia can recognise us!lol~
(tortured my eyes 3days with 3 days fake lashes and long term lens wearing)

Her cousin's house is just located in front of MRT station
Super duper convenient
with just 5 mins walk
and u can view the lake
what a nice view
Station 1: Jurong Bird Park~

With SGD 18
with just entrance fee
ridding panorama(something like monorail) cost more $5

We went for the free show
It is almost same with Afamosa (Melacca) birds show

standing in between the crossroad signs
After that...we get hungry

We went for lunch at the fast food restaurant there
this is where....the silly cashier did not see my $1 rebate voucher on the counter
again I showed him the voucher when i saw the cash machine showed no rebate
then he said no rebate after hitting the cash machine tat already finalised the bill
eventually he can just retype!
cis...wasted my RM2.46(stingy here)

One thing i like bout this park is the environment is nice
well maintained
another thing is that, we can get near to the colourful birds!
And feed them!
but u cant touch....it will fly away!
they are actually caged inside the net
while we walked inside the net and feed them

they have clean toilets too...with see through net in front of basins
U can just stand and watch the birds there!

I captured the lovely bird couple
how wonderful n sweet?!
and they kissed in front of us XD
there is a bridge for u to cross over
They are inside the 'cage'!
Thanks for an Indian guy who volunteer to take photo for us coz we'd been continuously camwhore-ing there
This is because he wanted to take photos there, and volunteering will just fasten the process

steeling Giant ostrich eggs

Lover bridge (i named it myself,lol)
actually there is a person behind me
cleaning the pool
It's impossible for me to ask him away
So....I block him away!

Leng lui bridge~~
I asked YC to block a couple there too.
What a nice way not to 'shoo' others and u still can take this beautiful picture

Very wanted to try on this...golf car?
But it need to be booked
So...we just take pic
Pretend....we just finished the ride!

Red telephone booth
the phone inside can function one, k..
It's just so not suitable to put this kind of booth in this hot weather country!
was very hot inside there
I believe u can be baked after 5 mins talk inside there

my friend...ah cow... (miao n mie...i know wat r u thinking! I purposely take this!)

Then Yc's cousin fetch us to...
Station 2: Bugis street and Junctions
So crowded in there (just like petaling street)
Selling not-so cheap clothes
Yet crowded
You can actually found all these in Sg Wang or time square KL
There sell SGD10,here sell RM10
Which u gonna pick?

I bought dozen of souvenir there
Bugis juctions
where i found many pretty earrings
So wanted to buy.....
Instead I bought another 2 pairs of eyelashes
Here is where I picked Xmas exchange present for my girls

Station 3: Singapore Flyers
(took Taxi there)

It originally cost bout $24.90
But we just paid $10
We admit we are the cleaver one! hahaha!
We tell them we are from Malaysia
Any discount....and he assumed we are students
Without hesitation, YC said YES
He want to look at Student ID
Shit...I dont have! (working d lar)
(good is that i still look like a student, lalala, damn happy)
He blinded by our thick make ups....lol
YC took her EXPIRED Student ID card to show him (YC is still studying, she din cheat, just that her new sem haven't start)
Then I looked stunned (Yc tot i was going to said :i m not student) I said i forgotten my ID
with a little moves wanna check my bag. (I m great actor!)
He very cin chai (saw we both so leng lui) and count us $10 tickets
Is worth then showing them M'sia passport which cost $15 each person
She spotted a cockroach down there!

self captured...
Only 2 of us, so we alwaz self captured

HAving nice great night view in the cubicle, so romantic!
From sunset to night.
(we actually cant see the sun, as the other side is raining)

Still we got to see the near sighted buildings

the 2 durians! (esplanade)
we got to see both day light and night time view...

look down the cubicle

view to north side

can u see the esplanade again?

with flash inside just cant view the scenery!

final shoot

Station 4: Orchard road
again we took taxi there
With meter showed only $5+...then charge us 25% peak hour charges...become $11+
damn expensive!
Here we meet my cousin sis-Lisa
And YC's friend--Hui juan
Thanks to Lisa for the dinner
we then take a walk there

Again, super crowded!

We have to queue for taking pictures!
And everyone is looking at your pose! so pai seh leh

but we manage to get tis crazy pose!In front of everyone else!!!
This statue ... dono y, very famous..everyone wanna take it's pic
We queue up so long for tis one, sure dont wan to ruined it...=)
the best pose ever!
What is this?
This is the look up view inside a big christmas tree

this is the christmas tree where u can go inside and look at the sparkling lights
But very Hot IN THERE

That tree located in front of ION Mall
where all the branded stuff accumulate here....
We not dare to walk in any of them!
After that we took MRT back and reached home at bout 11.45pm.
super tired....

the souvenirs and my falsie~ $10 for 2pairs


{ rumtum tigger } at: December 21, 2009 at 10:47 PM said...

lalala... First Coach.. u should hv said something earlier.. haha XD

{ Blur Pei } at: December 21, 2009 at 10:51 PM said...

yer....will have 2nd time!
my cousin alwaz took tis bus!

{ Rum Tum Cat } at: December 22, 2009 at 9:58 AM said...

so many 'cold jokes' in there hahaha... so enjoyin!! i wanna plan liao... i wanna go sg!!!!!!!

{ Blur Pei } at: December 22, 2009 at 10:56 AM said...

cold o not? sendiri cakap sendiri syok!

ah..go after christmas bah!so tat wont so crowd!u got holidays!

yc at: December 22, 2009 at 12:58 PM said...

pei~~i look so fat in d photos...u duno how to take photos with right angle!!=P

{ Blur Pei } at: December 22, 2009 at 2:38 PM said...

yc: i m not expert in photography taking lo....u go learn photoshop then, surely will edit till kurus kurus




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