bouncy lips~

Saturday, March 27, 2010
Still remember I bought a lip concealer????
Was so tempted to use 
But I did not go out these few days!
So...I 'hiao hiao' make up at home!

**Note that I have very dry lips with many death skin!
i had edited the lights as my room's light not so bright

Left pic is my purely nude lip!
my lip is kinda dull color~
after applying lip concealer with lip brush,  it become very pale!!! (right side)
so, to achieve healthy glow nude pinky lips:

(I actually cannot find a pink lipstick! I actually don't have PINK LIPSTICK!! all I have is gloss or peach color lipstick.coz I knew my dull lip color won't suit pink)
Luckily I found a gift from my cousin
which is plum pink color (red earth** I hardly use)
I apply with a lip brush, so that it won't looks so heavy.(left pic)
You can see it did not glow but giving very light pink sheer n creamy look
when i add pinky marjolica pinkish lip gloss on the center of the lips...
It immediately looks bouncy, juicy and pinkish!(wanna kiss it?my rough skin gone!)
Boy, i love this color!
feel like don wan to eat anything after applying this color,don wan to reapply! LOL





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