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Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Out of sudden, we (miao and I) decided to shop on last boring Sunday
She keep complain very hot stay at home
And since we also wanna help ju lee search for things,
We ended up shopping in Time Square
and bought a lot of skin care rather than clothes!

Etude house is on sale!
Up to 50%
(this is not advert blog)
RM12 for 3 pieces Mask!

Pressie for my friend's bday.
I knew I cant use pink n light purple,
still I love those color very much!!
Actually I like Etude house packing
They are so cute and lovely.

And I bought this for myself!
Ever wanted this for so long
keep seaching for good one but expensive
now is up to 40% discount!
I just grab it.
this Blusher brush is so soft!
was tempted to buy this years ago!!!
The Lip Concealer!!!
wanna nude my lips as much as possible 
so that i can colour my lips in pinkish colour
or make my lips look small! wakakaka
(this pic was taken with my Hp, I just realized my hp camera can focus on micro things!! just that I always use the wrong button. Shd use the shutter beside it and press half to focus! gosh..I begin to love this hP!)
very sorry to Ju Lee, cause it had been some times we did not shop in Time Square
every things changed so fast!
those things we saw last month, and today, u could not even find one there!
trend is extremely fast!
can u follow the trend??
 (Harrods bag from boss lady)
Then when I back to work on Monday
everything seems fine till I wanna switch on my computer switch!
the Power wont turn on.
Then I asked my boss bout it, and he told me the main power tripped!
he went to the main power box and push it on.
things when back normal, but the server is still not working!!
I can't online at all. So I called IT technician to check on it.
when the technician arrive...after checking...
to my surprise, many things had 'burned'
(strike by lightning)
tell you what is gone:
 2PC, lap top, Fax, photocopy machine, modem, router, UPS, switches .
Those are really important equipment that we need to use it in office everyday!
luckily we found some old modem, router,and fax machine
and luckily they still can be use!!
aiks...what a day.
Just the photocopy machine. we really need one.


pru at: March 26, 2010 at 12:24 AM said...

how much is the brush?

{ Blur Pei } at: March 26, 2010 at 7:32 AM said...

i think is RM20+




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