Sunday, March 21, 2010
My weekend start after Thursday night Market!

Is like every girl's favorite.
Miao and I bought some Nail Sticks
which need to chop into pieces and stick on your nails

here is my left hand fruity~

My right hand nails..
Can't believe I still can use my left hand draw those!
Sad is that, all the fruits dropped after 2 days!

Friday night I'm having a night out with KW and his friends
Having chat in a bar
Drinking Kilk Kenny Beer
I can't take it after only 2 pints...
Very surprised, I still can wake up early in the morning the next day 
So, Kw and me went for a breakfast 
Then we headed to see hot air balloon at Putrajaya.
We reached there around 7.30am

And the place already crowded with people!
Is a cloudy morning, the atmosphere is so nice.
then we saw ppl queuing up to ride on the hot air balloon.
Do you know how long is the queue?
Bout like 500m long, shd be.
We gave up riding as, i saw the balloon only allow to ride bout 2 storey high!
aiks, might as well i climb 2 stairs in my condo. LOL.

As you can see, they fence up with those contestants.
so we cannot get near to the hot air balloon
we only allow to take pictures out side these fence
However ppl with DSLR have those benefit
They allow to went in!! WTH! not fair for those who only bring digital cam
YES...everyone have their own DSLR! almost everyone have it!
You'll feel very embarrass when you take out your digital cam
or those who only have Handphone camera like me

I still take those pictures with my poor hp camera.

with kw~ <3
those balloons crossing the lake.
Boring at the moment, I try to catch one of the balloons
oh yeah, I got all the balloons!
the special shape balloons!
Star trek head...star trek, rite???
bunch of balloons in one
Levis balloon! (for display only)
There are also several games in the events
u can ride in balloon on waters!
gold kart...

After that we went back and have lunch at Taipei walker @ Kuchai Lama

Kw's ice cincau dessert.

nice one indeed!
my ginger chicken set!
I finished them all!
Means they are very nice.
I'll like to pay a second visit.
Kw ordered beef noodle (forgotten to take pic)
he said the beef is very nice, tender and juicy!
wanna thank kw who purposely bring me to watch hot air balloon in the morning
Cause he had an appointment in earlier days that he is going with his friends
while I cannot go with him on that time as i need to attend a wedding dinner,
so he bring me in the morning without complains and he went there again with his friend in the evening!

I am having a really busy saturday.
After hot air balloon, Lunch...
I quickly went back home, do whatever house cores before parent come back tonight
(they went to Bali last 4 days)
after that Brother and I attend a relative's wedding dinner
Here is my make up of the day:
using pearl beige color on inner eye lids (marjolica)
outer eye lids (at the edge), I using black eye shadows (Marjolica)
Using mix liquid eyeliner of pearl grey (skin food)on 1/3 upper inner eye lid & black on 2/3 upper eye lid edge (marjolica)
apply black gel eyeliner on 1/3 of bottom edge eye (Kate)
apply pearl white cream on 2/3 water line of the eye (Kate)
apply Amway black Mascara on upper and bottom eye lash
I was wearing GEO blue lens

Wedding of June Ng my cousin sis.
Her photo album was taken in US
She working in US currently.

Her simple wedding ceremony in Vegetarian Restaurant in PJ

we saw this pair of cute boxes on each of our seat
inside white box contain jelly beans, while black box with kisses chocolates!

While waiting, we were playing those boxes in many position as possible
believe me, u never wanna know ;)
my close cousins
(from left) Me, Cousin Sis (Lisa), Cousin Bro (Daniel), my Bro (Andy)
mostly everyone is having this
we are request to blow out the bubbles when the couple walking along the way
cute little love bottle.
I keep it as sweet memory
alright, I skip those dishes to the last one
very unique biscuits with sweet filling inside

 After that we went back home and waited parent to come back
I went to sleep first as my heavy lids keep closing


{ Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 } at: March 21, 2010 at 1:53 PM said...

I like the blow bubble souvenir =)

{ Blur Pei } at: March 22, 2010 at 2:03 PM said...

yeap, it is so cute




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