Bridal attempt~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
I got 2 books of beading Magazine from Ju Lee
and it really boost up my inspiration
yala...still doing something similar to what the book teach.

I still need a proper beading teacher wud
I saw 'Bridal Jewelery' on the book cover
immediately i turn to that page.I'm eying for making this bridal jewel for so long
just don't know how to do it

My 1st attempt failed!!

here goes my 2nd trying

It went on fine till I get this :

It is just a palm size long...
the wiring is too short..
but overall is just trying. next time will do it longer.

How to do it???
i am using bare hand to twist twist only.
according to my instinct and twist the design out
actually I din't really read the steps wrote in the mag...
I really don't know what it wrote >.<"""

and is super long!
by the time i finished reading and understand it
I think i can make few of them already!

I'll need to find more wire
silver & gold!!
shop shop shop...-_-"
another problem is that...
I don't know how to wear them.
seems like i have to put bobby pin on both side of the loops.
(the mag din't teach me how to wear this! aiks)





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