Why Heels?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Have you guy ever wonder why Girls have to wear heels??

According to Wiki How (it teach you how to walk):
Wearing high heels can make you stand so that your legs looks slimmer, TALLER,your stomach is flatter, (your butt look curvy) and your femininity is unstoppable. It can also do wonders for your stride, but walking in high heels is not a natural talent--it's learned skill, perfected by practice and discipline.

i think it is also a way for women to learn their balancing skills! standing in a height of like few inches high than your normal height, with only small surface on the bottom of your shoes...it really tested your Balancing ability!!How did such small surface shoes support the weight of your body??

Will you able to walk in this Stiletto heels below?:

or this??
I'll be impressed if you can.

Time by time, the heels are getting higher and higher...

so, do girls think of the consequences??? (read here & here)
Common problem of long term wearing heels: Back pain, knee, angle, muscles problems & etc...

Then why women still wearing the heels after knowing all the consequences???
women always be the victim of fashions.

So guys, if u wanted to know how your girlfriend/ girl's friends feeling while wearing heels, try on, and just walk one round over your house.
Imagine your gf can walk the whole shopping complex, levels by levels.

for Female, would you prefer health or fashion?





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