Happy Saturday!

Sunday, April 25, 2010
DIY strike my head suddenly...
Tie a small ribbon
Sew on the middle,
then insert to the loop below:

there you go:

Another type..
After that faster change ...
(without make up~)
Coz i made an appointment with Lancome counter
wanna use the complimentary voucher from my cousin

the products that use on me...
i like the foundation much!!
very light and stay long!

Took pic while the beautician serve other customer
I waited like 40mins....=.= boring!
i m really patience
so she gave a small gift...
i said i am going to dinner,
then she put a lot of blush, saying the blush won't appear in picture if not heavy
from my picture above it really did not show my blush at all =.="
She use brown eyeshadow on me
i tot my eye lids whould be very oily after the outing
surprisingly, it did not smudge at all!
while waiting for the beautician, 
a very nice customer (an aunty) who know I waited so long
so she went off other places first then come over
I can see that she bought over RM500 Lancome products!
and her skin is so nice!! she did not make up at all
her skin in fine,fair and healthy
I guess this products works well.

Then we met them
From bout 10+ ppl we invite for a gathering
only  4 person turn out (including me)
we are really pissed!
but still glad that at least we four got to attend.
My ABC in Papa Rich
I don't like....at all...=.="
and my friend's cendol came with watery ice.
eventually all melt before they served.
We all request for a change
I think those waiters dono what we said.
they tot they serve wrong food!
they gave a stupid reason, what big bowl small bowl...
do big bowl n small bowl effect the melt ice??
2nd time, they serve the same melt cendol
we complain again, then only a manager came
Only he know what we want =.="

Yc's 'ha mee'
my pumpkin steam bun
the bamboo basket huge before i open the cover
after that...the bun is only 5cm big each.

then we took some pictures
Cam whore time!
Happy us~
I smile like kayu!
off to the fountain

We chat a lot although just four of us.
So damn happy!!!





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