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Friday, July 30, 2010
I.. heard bout the news yesterday, I could not believe my ears..
I googled.. and I goes  "ahhh! what the...."
Please see this foot below:

Not my foot lah...=.= Source from Wikipedia, is called Bunion foot...

Tight shoes squish small toes, causing them to bend downward. Narrow shoes force the big toe inward, causing the joint to jut out and creating a bunion.(source:

Who is having Bunion foot??
Who like to wear heels but very painful??

Have you ever heard the Cinderella's sister cut her foot just to fit in the glass shoes?
Is called Cosmetic Foot Surgery-cutting ur feet.
I think 'Sex and the City' does the big influence! bah.
Is as common as nose job nowadays in US.
Then this cosmetic foot surgery can cause u no pain! hahaha...
U'll have perfect toe & pinky toes too..
You can even draw some of ur fats to ur bottom feet. helps made natural cushions/padding and prevent ur underneath foot pain!

Well, I'm here not to encourage women do so, why?
Because our foot has many little nerves, surgery won't perfectly turn well!
Because our foot support as much as 3 times our body weight when walking. Little changes cause big consequences.

Do only when your foot is really pain.
Not for the sake of beauty!
Don't wear shoes that are too tight.
You always can buy padding yourself at the stores.

Ah ha, you can even cut your middle toe short! Just to fit in sharp stiletto..Why not you just wrap your feet when you were small.. just like long long time ago, our great ancestors did...3 inches feet.

So Girls, will you do foot surgery if it were the only way you can fit to your heels or made your foot prettier??

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