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Tuesday, July 20, 2010
I'm so tired.. mentally.. being remembering dreams continuously for 2 nights.
Of course, one sleep could have many dreams
Luckily I remember one...
But is already enough!
And is funny plus VERY strange... 

Monday night's dream:
I was in a scene that, i pick up a pistol, back to back, with Tavia Yeung.
The next thing I knew I was her CID partner and we are ready to catch a thief in an isolated house.
Something run trough the window and we manage to chase him to the toilet.
SO near that we both believe that we could take the thief down
Just when We tied him up, Tavia suddenly become extremely mad!
she even let the thief go. Then I fight with her! she want to run out the house, but luckily all the police arrives
Just when I manage to catch her, she suddenly fainted.
When I going to held her up, Suddenly I heard a familiar voice (could be Gordon/lam fung voice? i dono,coz i was busying held Tavia) he shouted "don't touch" but is already too late.
I touched and immediately I fainted. While I in the middle of unconsciousness, I understand the whole thing.
Tavia and I had been in the black magic trapped...
and.. " I..Know a place..."(California girls song rang, my alarm =.=)
I woke up... DAMN! I should not set the alarm!! So that I can see handsome 'lam fung' =.="

Yesterday.. another dream:
Having know that my brother going to work far away from home,
We, one whole family go out to see his hostel which is still building up.
His hostel is just  a room size, rectangular, with glasses dividers but no furniture.
SO we went to showroom, and we saw our relative live in the show room!!!
The she is going to marry later at night (in real life, she edi married)
So when My parent chatting with her, I went out for a walk. too boring...
Suddenly it rains. I run to an empty hall filled with poles.
I noticed a few fierce dogs coming over me. Just like they could eat me.
As I was running, I saw my grandma in front of me.
I asked what is she doing here, and she said she is looking for me to go home
The dog is still rushing towards us. My grandma is too old to run.
Immediately I found a skate board. I skate over to my fetch my grandma on my back...
the skate speed is however very slow!
I thought I could be eaten by the dogs, but to my surprise the dog stop chasing.
(is just like we on top of something, they have no rights to attack people)
I skate to a stadium to attend my relative's wedding
Yes, her wedding is in a stadium. As the ceremony begins, I noticed my dear was just 3-4 seats away from me.
He did not saw me. I not sure if he ignore me. I checked my cellphone and he did not even call.
When the ceremony finished, he walked past me without greet me...
When I chase him out of the stadium, he is gone.
I called him and he even speak with frustrated sound: why u call me?
I was so angry: why you din't call me just now?
He said: I was busy
I : U busy till cannot even say 'hello' to me? I was chased by some dogs and u din't even bother to call and care for me?!..bla bla bla (i forgot what I said)
and I hang him up, crying with my whole heart out, on the raining street....
squatting down, continue to cry... ( I not sure if I cried in real when i was dreaming)
After that I not sure what happen.. I awake already...

This morning I woke up with heavy heart..
My day went grey...
and I stuck in traffic jam for 45mins in the stupid same road.
ok, end for now. I shd go sleep, and go to work early to avoid jam...
I hope I can have a SWEET dream.. don't want so tired dream like Kena chase or chasing ppl one.


{ sandra } at: July 22, 2010 at 10:35 AM said...

haha. you watching the drama mysteries of love issit? can dream tavia and lam fung...

and u can really remember so much of ur dream lo..

last sunday, i dreamt abt ghost disturbing me. and i remembered clearly the date is 23/07.. which is tmr.. *shivers*

{ jacinth } at: July 22, 2010 at 1:41 PM said...

u watch too much drama liao,haha

{ Blur Pei } at: July 22, 2010 at 1:53 PM said...

sandra: aiks? tmr is ghost festive d? gonna pray pray d... mayb u too stressed, so dream but ghost...
I actually remembering dreams from Monday till today de..

Jacinth: yalo.. watched too much >.<




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