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Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Been headache of thinking what to give for your friend's birthday? Graduations? Wedding Gift?
ever think of DIY your own gift?
However lazy doing it?

Don't Worry!
You can customized your gift!
and you no need to do it yourself now.

My BFF can help you all the way!
you can describe overall what you want.
For example: shape, size, patterns or colours and most important, name.
Base on materials, services & postage, she will give you most reasonable price.
Of course, you need to inform her few weeks before you wanna present to your precious one.

Following are the products she had made
add do it herself and made of felts :
things range from RM18-25 (depend on the size/postage)
Graduation photo frame
Graduation Dolly

Graduations bouquet of flowers (RM50 and above):

Graduation sotongs: 

cute issit?
Thank You angel Dolly
Hard disc Cover
Handphone cover
For couples:
for new couples
piggy couples :)
The latest products:
Name card size photo frame :)
cute bunny eh?

Very interested??
Click here
or email her:

Thanks for support~





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