Merdeka outing

Thursday, September 2, 2010
Nothing much to tell, just that I hang out with friends again

My out fit of the day!
Long white skirt & MnG red Singlet.
God, i look fat n short here....=.=
took pic with Pei Mun
at Adeline's new rented room (took after sing K)

I booked 11am's room
Woei Sean who late for about 30mins
Don care, so I take picture first.
from left, Adeline, Win & Pei Mun
Woei Sean showed up with his 'just-wake-up' face
he is the only guy there
too bad Dave got work
sure he grumble us d. =P

Finally win want to pose with us...
dono use how long to persuade her.
THat is when win run out of my aim when she spot my camera =.=
After that, Win said she got a lot of things to do.
So left  us 4 ppl dono do what in The Garden
as we have nothing to buy... we walk & walk...
then we saw Baskin Robbin!

is Merdeka day
and also 31% for BR
so we sat down
waiting Sean for the Ice Creammmm!
Here is our cup of ice cream.
Chocolate and caramel! 
so sweet man. Till we crave for plain water
so nice, BR actually provide free plain water.

Then I fetch Adeline home
went up to her room
that's where her big cupboard mirror is, and 
I took a lot of pictures there....
(not showing) 
She is currently staying next to my area.
Very near, so I got another friend to hang out with now.





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