Review: My Beauty Diary mask/ Elianto concealer/ Toni & Guy Mist / Biore make up remover tissue

Friday, September 3, 2010
Beauty review~
My Beauty Diary apple Mask
Is a really good bargain I get from Guardian Warehouse sales
Last week at Sri Petaling Hotel.
As u can see, is only RM29.90 per pack.
Of cause I take note of the expired date, is still available for one year time
I think if I used twice per week, will finished within one month edi.
Get it from night market?
Please don't, although is cheaper, I don't think is a good try.
Let me teach you how to recognise the real and the imitate
(heard from a friend)
Flip over every packet of your one sheet mask
you should notice the expired date on the lower left side of the packet
you try to rub it with your own finger.
If the expired date went smudge or fade, that is not the real one.
I tried my this package, and whatever times I tried to removed the expired date wording, it just won't came off.

This is my first time using My Beauty Diary Mask, in Apple flavor.
It helps tightens & minimizing pores
After cleanse and toning, Apply this mask for ard 15-20mins.
Pad lightly on face for it to adsorb after remove it.
Apply moisturiser after padding.

This is my First time using, as I still can't give any results
However once after I removed the mask,
I can feel my face instance light tightening.
It is also somehow quick adsorbs... leaving my face fresh!
(the apple flavor is smell nice too! )
I'll continue using finished this 10 sheets and will give u a nice report.

Elianto Concealer
I had been noticing concealer as my one going to finish
and the concealer I'm using will somehow not sell anymore.
I do wish I can buy branded one such as Bobbi/ Benefit
But I know I couldn't afford
So I try search for more concealer review,
Most people recommend Elianto concealer.
I couldn't believe, It works perfectly well on me.
a little amount will do, it covers all your 'unhappiness'
My acne marks/acne/dark circle...
But not for eye bags. U know eye bags have to cure from inside out.

It is creamer like concealer.
It works better cause it is more concentrate
Plus it stays longer than I thought
The package did write it is water proof as well.
therefore we must remove with make up removal everyday!
It's fine with me, highly recommended. only RM17+ after discount (NP:RM22)
you can use it don know how many decades! LOL

Toni & Guy Mist
I bought this as I use straightener a lot..
My hair is kinda like Hay now.
I heard from a salon said that my hair needs more protein
with using a lot of hot iron, my hair needs heat protection products...
So I started to take note this brand.
Toni & Guy do have another type of heat protections mist,
but I chose this because it also contain proteins...
However, I don't like 2 things about this.
First is, the smell.. is too *coughing* flowery smell.
even my brother ask me to walk away after I spray this.
maybe is just my personal taste problem, some people might feel it nice.

Second, I actually found it a bit greasy.
something like waxy feels.
Maybe is that I spray too much??
I follow the directions of spraying on damp towel hair
of coz at instance, I found it more easy manageable & not so much frizzy
this is what I like about them.
Till my hair is totally dry, I found it okay too.
 I slept on till the next morning,
I found my hair is more tangled than without using it.
(FYI, I just spray on lower hair parts)

well, is better to use on day time, and wash it away at night time :)

Biore make up remover sheet
I got this from some magazine.
I recommended this one as it is easy carry!
and u don't need separate eye & face make up remover.
You just use one sheet, is enough to remove all your make up!
highly recommended.


{ smoochie } at: September 3, 2010 at 11:21 AM said...

i like this biore make up remover sheet! very effective. removes make up easily. but quite expensive lo. :(

{ Blur Pei } at: September 3, 2010 at 11:32 AM said...

yea, is a bit costly... :(

Anonymous at: September 11, 2010 at 2:50 PM said...

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Anonymous at: December 31, 2010 at 10:54 PM said...

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Anonymous at: May 26, 2013 at 7:25 PM said...

Good :)




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