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Friday, September 3, 2010
*long boring blog* ahem**base on own opinions*

Sharing boyfriend doesn't mean sharing with other girls...  I mean, yes, with other girls as well...=.="
okay, you will know what am I going to tell later......

People surrounding your boyfriend do count as his social contacts.  Do remember, girlfriend is not the only one he interact with.  Don't tell me you gonna keep your boyfriend in the safety box with whole long passwords!! (this do apply for girlfriends as well). Love is selfish. I believe I'm the one!!! sad to mention here... but I tried to manage myself. As friends know that I'm merely a bad temper girlfriend, but in front of him, I totally am myself. I talk everything that flashed trough my brain at tat moment and didn't think of when in his shoes. I don't wish this happens to you all.  When I feeling not-so-fine, I'll just need to calm myself up(don feel like talking), I need time to convince myself for this sudden change/problems. Luckily my own convincing is positive enough to make me think wisely. Perhaps just take me 5-10mins, then I'm totally fine.

Ok, done with my nonsense. Lets talk about sharing...

People interact with your boyfriends, might be relatives, unique one, his most respective of (teachers?lecturer? mum? sister?) & friends that sharing problem with him (but not girlfriend). Often girl's friends are most competitive human when interact with your boyfriend, in girlfriend's case, it is use to be how much do you trust your boyfriend. Often knows that female always has the best instinct/sixth sense ever! You can't deny, won't you? Even though you haven't see this particular of his girl's friend before, you just don't like her!For no reason!!!( how come I always drag my topic away?)

Here are few peoples that you have to share your boyfriend with:
1)Females with him:
 a) His Mummy/sister/cousin sisters
You have to be clear, you cannot tear this relationship ever! Please don dare you to try. You will be the sins if You do. How could you possibly break mother-son relationship? Unless there is some reason behind. But as a gf, you gonna be supportive in making them together. Tolerance!

Okay, how about cousin sis? Elderly cousin sis is still quite a stable state as.. not a 'competitor'. If u seek his younger cousin sister as a 'competitor', not to say is wrong, you might had a minor chance, but not much.

this group of relationship with your bf at this stage, you had to understand that they are the one always stays by your bf side since small. First girls encounter when he is young, playing together, growing together... no one will ever replace their stage. It's his precious.

 b) His Girl's friendss
His girl's friends, would be those knows from kinder garden, pre school, secondary, college or even Uni mates. These girls that do not have any DNA connected with him. However a special bond within them. I believe in their common interest, taste, culture/ mindset as well. Competitors? Yes, worries... cause he might found it too comfort enough to have them as good listeners. What they do? often supports what he thinks. LOL. Solutions? be a supportive girlfriend! Do not nag, scold, or band your boyfriend's idea always. well.. be rational, ok? Not to tell you that to agree everything he says, just think before you do any actions that causes regrets.

 c) His Ex girlfriends
Hm, past is a past, Don't ever think of it again (if your bf never contact her again in this case?) perhaps you should believe him rather than his ex?
Yeah, some ex couples might return in some kind of situation.. I have no comment on this. God bless...

 d) His colleagues
This is his future encounter! He met them more than you! ah hah!!!OL lady.. super fitted skirt, nylon stockings, low cut button collar shirts (with talent mind as well).... aiks, you think yourself! Go join some of his colleagues gathering, know them better, is good for you *wink*
 e) His Lesbians girl's friend
a group of girls that cause no harm on your bf but maybe you. they might be interested in you. LOL (might be a harm for your bf as well if she's bisex?!)

  f) His Housemate
The one that face with him.. almost as long as his...parent? for like... 9-10hours (minus working &sleeping hours) you will relief if she has a bf! right right right?? Dangerous o not? you judge.

2)Males with him:
 a) His dad/brother/cousin brother
Same as above, father-son relationships and cousins. Respect is the way you treat them. =)

 b) His Boy's friends
His gang of best pals. Dealing with all the 'yam cha' sessions, Sing K, Pub, Clubbing, and... and... might be.. the 'chicken' rice shop.. whether you like it or not, is his friends, but is not the person you gonna live with.(Just hope that they don't bring negative effect on him) if he has his Boy's friends day, you go have yours. By the way, you also don't wanna loose your friendship after you fall in love, right?? give him a break as well.

 c) His colleagues
Same, the groups of people he is facing all Day long. Probably he will brag about their certain unsatisfactory/his competitors in career as well. Be prepare as a lending ears. Join their gathering once a while too. Be friendly as they might the one who help your guy as well.

 d) His ex boyfriends??(if ur bf does...=.=")
No your mind.

 e) His gay friends
Kinda harmful to your relationship.. he might be the third party! might behave like a girl too. Find a similar topic to talk to him (i think :] ) if he's (the gay) is playing the 'girl' role..

 f) His Housemates
Those that might influence your bf pretty anything! include flu. Be nice to them, after all u need them to spy your bf, don't you? LOL (jk, I'm not going to do this... just a lame joke)

Everything surrounding him.. Don't try to change him, while you have to fit in his environment. Remember, is NO way you can control a person. Discuss your thoughts with him, settle things together. Be true to each other. All the best!


{ ken } at: September 4, 2010 at 12:12 AM said...

give and take =)

Anonymous at: September 4, 2010 at 10:56 AM said...

hehehe chill


{ Malek Ku } at: September 4, 2010 at 3:27 PM said...

shaaring is caring...

{ Blur Pei } at: September 5, 2010 at 8:58 AM said...

ken: correct~
miao: i chilled edi ler..
Malek Ku: hm? some what not understand.. LOL




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