matta fair

Sunday, September 5, 2010
okie, drooling food first~

Dim sum at 'jin xuan' just behind my hs

it is nice, but not cheap any more, 
medium size basket is RM4!!!

then dear & i heading to PWTC by LRT
dono how many decade din't take LRT d...
But I still remember the routes.
here is the stage...
Siting and resting..
the promoter there is kinda agressive
promote their things non stop
got one guy even stop us from walking!
u know? we step left, he step left; move to right, he stop us from right too =.=
and his shitty saliva keep spiting at me, yuck!!! (the way he speak)
is taiwan fella who wanna promote their wedding package 
 Don't misinterpret Matta Fair as cheap:
First, their air ticket is same price as we normally booked online.
Second, booths are only for tour guide package....include hotel and tour with transport.
not really cheap??
even there also have some Free & easy package. Which we need to pay also...
i thought free and easy should be explore our selves?
we went to the mall

lunch at Cinnamon
2 original, cheese & nuts flavor

go back home
try to do something...lame
I saw rainbow when dinner time at subang
Dad bring us to our favorite Bak Kut Teh Restaurant
Nou Heong~ there is another branch at 1U too
served in 3 separate dishes as differ part of porks
the vegetables

is yummy nice!





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