This is what I'm holding out for.

Friday, September 24, 2010

When you in the middle of relationship or searching for the right one, what are you looking/ holding out for a guy?  Handsome? rich? are you sure materials are those u are looking for??

1) A guy that make you laugh, or giggled a little when things when bad.

2) A guy that laugh on your cold jokes, even made a colder joke out of yours! and then laugh together..

3) A guy that attend any gathering you ask him to attend, no matter he'll get boring or not

4) A guy that still pay for you even he is reluctantly poor? - facey prob, LOL

5) A guy that fetch you anywhere without making a fuss

6) A guy that remember everything you said and they really listen.

7) A guy will do Nothing with you! (the moment when u feel so anti social)

8) A guy you respect (every decision, u just feel so right/perfectly arranged by him)

9) A guy who see you the way u wanted to be seen! ( gorgeous, beautiful, adorable, sexy, smart, funny...etc)

10) A guy who says 'I love you' or 'I miss you' once a while (and mean it)

11) A guy that give gifts (not every time and even not expensive) the way he do it himself or express himself to us

12) A guy that keep every promises, because he don't like to disappointed the one he loves.

Well, that is temporary what I can think of, what about yours?

ps: he done all of these, that's what I can feel.

Source: 11 things every girl should hold out for





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