Sunday, September 26, 2010
Yes, I'm on Holiday!!
Holidays for working people is impossible
no no, I did not apply leaves, But I leave the company =)

Yesterday.. I should be only wake up at anytime I wanted
unfortunately... I was awake by our nearby house construction working
I woke up at 5.45am =.="
damn hungry.. immediately i went to take one cup of plain water..
started to stick my face on my PC
my stomach is still crawling
Suddenly I missed Mc Donald's breakfast so much!
still hesitating... 
so I waited till 7am, when the sky went brighter
I drove kancil, to Mcd nearby my condo.
it's just opposite!

plan to drive true but no people speak to me tro the machine..
so I parked and went inside
'da bao' my sausage Mc Muffin with egg SET
my favorite hash brown and coffee accompany by the burger
I feel so satisfied!!!
Mum tot my bf bought for me when she saw me eating them
cause they were still asleep when I go out. hhaha
 Till an hour before I out for dating
i dressed myself like this:
this jacket sure make me looks like having a wide shoulder...
do u notice mu HP? I'd removed my blings, and attached this shine type sticker
satisfied twice!

We went to 1 Utama 
Lunch at Oriental Restaurant..
fried lou shee funn
My favorite Kai lan
(My bf knew I love Kai Lan, satisfied 3)
His Laksa.. more of like curry mee.
all are so yummy~

Then watched Legend of the Fist after that
and I fall in love with Donnie Yap =P
he is Hero!!! [satisfied 4!]
maybe I like the way they express their kung fu
this movie a bit disgusting especially how Japanese torture ppl
(I think final destination is more geli)
Overall they feature Chinese to get together when world war 2 begin
(sorry, I am so bad in history, I just watch leng chai only)
Really, I don't understand why people can be so cruel...
sigh.. is already past.
I love world peace!
This movie is recommended because of its action part. 
Or maybe I'd already fallen for Donnie, any other stories doesn't important anymore.

We ate Q sushi for TEA
We walked by this small booth of sushi
they provide more on 'take away' services
However there are some tables and chair for you to eat there too
This is our ordered food
all, Unagi, Salmon, unagi.. spicy salmon...
what is that fish eggs call?
all are served cold
Just not so like their seaweed 
Because they are not that fresh and crispy as they edi displayed for some time
If they freshly wrap should be nicer
their unique table..

Alright, we did went for some shopping
We saw promotion price at PDI polo tee
2 for RM46
guess what, we agreed to buy same color tee
FYI, over these years pak toh-ing
this is our 1st couple tee..
Idk, I wasn't that mind about couple tee for the first few years on this relationship
and now only I was so tempted to try
maybe every couple had their first try, so that I'm eager to buy a pair
I tot my bf won't wanted to, but he agreed without hesitating
he asked me why, and I just said: dono, it suddenly.hehe

When he went to pay, here I look for the earrings
blame me that I did not check my purse first before paying (left RM7 in my purse)
I take these earrings and proceed to counter =.=
and I need to seek help from him again
not purposely wan, ok?
Well, I no need to explain much
Of course he don't want me to pay back after I withdraw money
He said accept it for a gift once a while =)
as a bf to gf 
I guess he read what I wrote on my previous post
at the end of the day, I got my polo Tee and earrings as gift
although they aren't that expensive,
but my heart already full of rainbows
yaya, I'm really that easy to be satisfied 
Satisfied 5!

Before we went back, we met Michelle =), my ex-housemate

oh ya, one thing I don like but yesterday is that
when we walk past a wedding booth which is held by Taiwan people
well, we had to walk past that booth in order to go to a particular shop
walked passed 3 of the promoters, 3 promoter did stopped us
Never mind, we don't even look at them
they follow us like 3-4 shops away from their booth
very irritating,annoying!
We notice they only look for couple of course. 
then we had a few silly ideas
1) don't walk pass them
2) tell them we are 'married'
3) tell them we are separated 'ex', then cry in front of them for 'digging' up our sadness
4) tel them we are bro & sis?
5) tell them we are just separated and once walked passed them, we are together again.
only we this crazy couple will think of those.

alright, that's all~


{ ken } at: September 26, 2010 at 4:24 PM said...

lol.. the silly ideas could be fun! =)

Anonymous at: September 26, 2010 at 5:56 PM said... couple tee from kw jeoulous u all can wear couple cloths wif yr bf...monkey

{ Blur Pei } at: September 26, 2010 at 10:43 PM said...

ken: yup.. if dare

monkey, u also can de. =)




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