Mini Utar gang gathering~

Thursday, November 25, 2010
Little gathering of us all~
Utar Talent time committee.... 
edi few months din met.
even Sean don't know that I had changed job
he still ask me to attend biotech career fair
haih.. 3 out of 6 bringing Iphone 4.
they are rich... i know...T.T
I'm the poorest
dave and pei mun~
Dave who just lost his phone and get himself iphone 4~
Pei mun just change her job and work in another better opportunity job.(as chemist)
both win(left) and Adeline (right) are the experience sales person~
they know everywhere in KL.
Guess what are we doing...
I dono how tis start on... but we are clicking 'like' button on those we feel 'likes' his/her words...
just like clicking like button in face book.

i know we are lame..
for the sake of Facebook fun~





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