Tuesday, November 23, 2010
"when you busy, you won't miss someone"~

agree with above statement??

Is no point i keep complain I am busy always

the truth is, i kinda enjoy this moment...

Yet to felt much stressed as compare to my 1st job.

I didn't mean not want to miss him

just that most of these time, me and him are too busy to miss each other

not till we forget each other....

just like the other day, me and him work on saturday.(different company)

Suppose be our dating time.

time flies~ and we did not notice

we are late for the time we suggested earlier.

both of us seeking for apologized.... and then realized we both are asking for delay =)

We both laugh together for awhile

it had been a long time since i got back to my busy life

I got to adjust but still miss him in some interval time.

glad that we both made our space together again

not everyday but once in a while.

somehow i do feel that, love grown fonder while facing such situation,esp when u stop working.

not a bad thing after all, we started to know how to appreciate again.

All love feeling had tightens back again. I felt recharged every day.

Love my life~ Loving you~ <3


{ CatHeRinA LeE } at: November 24, 2010 at 1:24 PM said...

AWWW~ sweetnya... =)




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