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Sunday, November 14, 2010
I started to feel stressed on work after Last Monday...
when I know that one of my senior is resigned and she will push all over her things to me on this month 26th.
Although, she is not the one who teach me, my another Senior is also very busy handle her things.
Of course I could not always be her burden. I heard the workload I responsible for is No. 1 high.
I tried my best to learn as fast as I could
I adsorbs everything, since after my 2 days training. I still keep adsorbs things when i back to work.
One week continually teaching.. On Friday, my brain storage is really limited already.
Adsorb and digest, most important is knowing how to use it.

I am almost there, I always convince myself.
 I'd like to treat it as challenge. Just like when playing games, we hope to complete all the levels.
After complete all then is victory.  is already one month plus I working there.
I think I nearly complete cause my senior already want me to handle everything by tomorrow.
Her questions doubted me when she asked: How long you could handle everything? 1month? 2months??or three months?
And all other colleagues asking me the same questions: Are you ok to handle this part? (this does pressure me)
I understand she hopes I could help her more because I found out she do handle a lots already.
stressed makes people grow.  So i told her that I shall give myself a trail after next week time. so that I know my own qualifications that I can give her a good answer later on.  I feel a bit relief is when she said she will back up for me. I really hope she has times for backing me up, even though I know she is not free always.
I need to stand alone strong enough. There would be a new comer tomorrow, this even make me worry as she still need to train the new person.

Alright, is enough for my rants.  Here is some happiness shared from my new colleagues.
Rushing over to my college...
Long lost connected college

Not her convocations.
The flower we bought for him =)
Took a picture where cute Ping Ping is holding~
Congratulations to Xavier! 
( I think u know who)

KTAR really changed a lot
the facilities is improving
However I still know the way to the hall.
My memory not bad eh?


mc at: November 15, 2010 at 10:03 PM said...

hey darling
be confident! others can do it.so do U!! =) u just need time to digest all the thing. I believe your senior also need time to handle everything right..

dont und u must ask. dont care whether your other senior is busy o wat.. If you go wrong lagi teruk. so just ask :) u are new now..pls fully utilize. aft u confirmed..mayb u canot ask so much liao

{ Blur Pei } at: November 16, 2010 at 7:36 AM said...

thx darling! <3




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