A day~

Thursday, December 2, 2010
Is early morning..
what do u do if u woke up way too early from ur alarm clock?
 U'll sleep back normally, right?
 But for today... I didn't
 Instead, my eyes are wide opened...staring at the empty dark ceiling.
I don't know what happen to me.
I feel like pooing after that. LOLz...
so.. I slept not more than 6hours.

Yest was Catherine's birthday
our new joiner~
 White chocolate cake
 we are planing to give her a surprise when she out for wash room
plz ignore our messy table...

 she is so cute..
when we ask her to make a wish
she is so so so excited and happy
she make a very HARD wish,
then she blow half side candles..
and, she wish again.. tis time harder...
and ask us to keep quiet. LOLZ

maybe is her culture. I dono.. but I think she is soooo CUTE!

 cut cake sessions~
 she carefully took out the candle
 everyone's waiting for her cake.. hahaha
 I dono why there is a wording on the middle...
just.. I'm lazy to get rid of it. wahhaha,,
'cold' christy is at my seat.
do u see my mountain workloads??
this is our team lead.. busying sms...
who ah?? 
well, u ask her then. =)

okie, is time for me to work.
I drive today. bye~





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