Small meet up~

Sunday, December 5, 2010
weekend is always a time for gathering~
gathering either for family or friends

This time, my friend-ah miao who went to Belgium business trip is back!
She went there for 2 weeks...
and she experience snow there till she beg to come back m'sia
She said is too cold wor
She also got time to have a walk in paris. How nice?
too bad the unfortunate things happens to her.
She found out she lost her purse when she plan to buy her LV.
pity gal..
She learn her lessons:
  1. Don go Uniqlo buy winter clothing, because.. not warm enough for her in Belgium~
  2. She learn to read map in paris.. where no english words on sign board!!(ask her to study french ler, she gave up half way)
  3. drink wine at air plane to sleep in 13hrs flight. lolz
  4. Paris is a pick pocket country... can't deny.. M'sia also have.
  5. Buying chocolates for friends is a must... hahaha
  6. She keep praising Belgium/France's guys are very gentleman. come on, y din bring one back??
  7. must bring an own key board there~becoz europe's keyboard are different, u know?
  8. European din bath everyday while in winter...
  9. they don't have night life there... esp after 6.30pm, all shops are close.
  10. Bread is their everyday MUST have thing....
Viola~is a must say word =)
Having an easy moment with friends yesterday.
dinner and movie...

that is when I saw Mid Valley's Christmas decorations
toys and giant teddy bears around!! 
really felt like wanna steal hug one of them =X
I can see the kids are playing around. 

The next morning~
Breakfast tea time..
where Miao pass us those souvenirs~
Old town is our favorite gathering place.
ate toast kaya butter.
WC bring her DSLR... (these pic are taken by my hp)

the souvenirs from miao..
-post card,
-merci choc
-and magnet display~

I already told miao not to buy me Eiffel Tower key chain for me
cause I got tons of them ~.~ so she bought me magnet, so happy~
These are the things she bought for Ju lee~
does this display looks like she is......*ahem*?
actually she is in Australia.. a big ocean apart from us.
since just now when morning breakie we plan to draw christmas exchange present thingy
so we help her virtually draw~
she ask us to 'bring' her out.. so here she goes.. LOL
she 'draw' miao... means she need to choose present for miao =)
and the large Eiffel tower is for her. 
her pic is just to represent her. 

Guess who I'm going to give present to?


mc at: December 5, 2010 at 9:45 PM said...

hahaha that is a good summary you made for me!! so so true =p


{ Blur Pei } at: December 6, 2010 at 7:47 AM said...

well.. see i got heart for u~ can summarized ur trip~




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