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Saturday, December 25, 2010
I was on leave on Last Friday
Purposely went to Penang by myself
It's really lonely all the way trough.
what I can't imagine is that it tooks 7hrs journey for me to reach Penang Island.
really, seriously tired.
I guess I bought the wrong bus ticket.

So I keep on kacau-ing my friends who is working.
My lousy handphone, finished its lifespan.
Due to I slide it open n close too many times!

 I reached my old friend's house.
and it is evening already!
My friend is already busy preparing

Her living room pictures.
Guest is coming, unfortunately I dono a person.
Till late night, some of my primary mates came
I met some new friends among our 'ji mui'
We start to plan games

12pm sharp
according to tradition, bride have to pray and comb her hair for wishes/blessing
then we tidy up the room
I'm extremely tired.
I think I slept at 3am.
We got to wake up at 6.30am the next day

Me and the bride went to studio together
She done her make up by her artist
while I done mine myself~
She is such a pretty lady~
ji mui took pic before the bridegroom
and they are late~
I'm actually inside the room with the bride.
just too bad I can't see the game

Another unfortunate things happen is that...
I being knocked by the door when the bride's heng dai rushing in the room.
got myself a small lump.
not serious tho, but pain. 

no pain no gain, i got big ang pow anyway. lolz
so here is the sweet scene ~
I went home with another friend before her wedding dinner
only got myself have lunch at 3.30pm
and was late for dinner~
This is future lawyer to be!
she is distinction student when in primary school

whole primary bunch of friends!
heng dai with ji mui group photo.
not to forget our new couple~

having some little fun before got in their new home
another words, I'll miss her...=(
wish both of them happily ever after.





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