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Sunday, December 26, 2010
Christmas eve
I celebrate with my relative and family
although I'm not christian...
We do enjoy this festival.
Below are the exchange present outcome~
Blue huge cushion from mun mun...
as usual, we secondary small gang exchange present
this time more differ is that we draw first then buy present.
I request a cushion!
and she got me a huge one.
too bad, my office chair not big enough to fit.
So I put it on living room and wrote: "only for Joanne"

Then colleague present exchange~
too bad my HP rosak, currently I don't have a camera beside me always...
so the group photo.. I'm still waiting some one to upload...

This cristal light is what I've got from Xavier~
it's really beautiful when u off the lights
colors keep running ~
Once I got this present, i let the color runs till I off work and 
take it back home~
He also give us (me , cath & christy) extra gingerbread man's soft toy~
din't got to take pic, I'll let it sit with me in office.
*punch it when I upset* muahaha

not to forgot I received christmas card from far far away land~
Australia -- darl ju lee
**the santa clause's blinky drops a lot**

then this morning, I got to go out with HIM~yeah!

once I get in the car, and he gave me this (above)
well this one fits my office chair!!
"it's so fluffy!! I'm gonna die!!!!" ~ this feels
so soft!!!
I love it...

*story behind*
actually everyone oso know what I want for my xmas present
i posted so big in my blog
My friend CM edi bought it~
but when I told him not suit for my chair,
he's kinda relief
then 2 colleagues do bought cushions to exchange,
unfortunately I don't get it also.
should say is lucky? 
*coz I got his lovely cushion to hug when I'm stressed?*
then tis morning only he handed over this present confidently!
when I questioned him when he bought it,
he just smile at me...*heart melting*
well, no use if I asked again and again, rite?
afterall, I'm so over joy for his present.
Thank you all~

In fact, I loves all the gift I received.





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