Sunday, January 9, 2011
is Packing time~~~Mua pack last minutes as... we only go for 4days
Not much to bring, however the weather in HK is 16-13degrees~~~
I still haven't got my right coat to bring there.
Today went to time square again to search for coats/ sweater... mission fail!
cant find any good wan.
However I bought quite a lot of things already.

From Picture, clock wise,1st left: the outer wear I plan to bring, Ju lee brought all the way from aussie..
with scarf ...
2nd left: Hand lotion & cute dolphin key chain from Ju Lee too~
3rd left: cheap sneakers just bought for HK used too~
lower 1st left: long waited body con skirt from Ju Lee too~ muacks~
black berry 8800, the current temporary phone I'm using....whereby pass on by my dad. very old model BB, no BBM chat, no camera, no 3G no wifi..... =.="

Today have a walk in Sg Wang that area, with my ju lee and miao.
we all went separate ways as Ju lee got appointment with her salon,
miao got her Japanese lessons.. while I walk alone.
then I saw catherine (my colleague).
right, Sugai wang is really so damn pack!!
I really fed up with sg wang some times. walk also cannot walk straight.

well, that's it. I walk like 3 malls a day... for the practice of walk more than 3 malls in HK
maybe shall walk more than 3 miles a day in HK =)

I is excited~~~~~~~~~~


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