HK travel~ (brief)

Saturday, January 15, 2011
Since I not really got all the photos yet~
I'll update little by little
our first stop from airport is Tsim Sha Tsui~
where our hotel is located.

I could say that Hong Kong's transport system is really good
quite many people using public transport than own vehicle
Plus the time we traveling in Hong Kong is winter time
we walk most of the times.
For the 1st day of shopping, I spent more than half of what I bring.
my leg started to sore on the third day

What I missed most bout Hong Kong food is their dim sum
especially their jelly like cake
"Guai Fa Gou" 桂花糕
This Jelly like cake is cristally soft
not that sweet but taste just nice.
It just feels like herbal in a cold jelly taste.
桂花 in English called - Sweet Olive
From the picture, there are a few Sweet olive flower inside the jelly
i miss it so much...
Last but not least
The only affordable Disney land I went
We went in a really cold weather
well, is small, but worth! =D

stay tune for more pictures~~





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