Pieces of Heart

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
The stories goes~~
I saw this 3D puzzle in HK sell at HKD20!!!
I grabbed it, thinking He will like to solve this puzzle.

At the end, when I handed up for him,
He asked me a very reasonable question: You give a puzzle...shouldn't you finished the puzzle to show your sincerity, right?
At first thought, yes, his word do make sense,
at second thought, Yes, He is not interested for this puzzle.(as what I confirmed again with him)

Not a problem....(I went to google search actually. lolx)

I bring back this puzzle and started to do it myself....
starring at this pieces at first, thinking I'll solve this in weeks time
without a guide book....so I begin...
Watching TVB drama at the same time...
one by one episode finished...
I am getting more and more interested when I successfully make into half piece..
Until the third episode, I FINISHED!
Quickly called him
He never expect I could finished this fast
needless to say, He thought I will never touch the unsolved puzzle at all.
Well, I did! Feeling so Happy and satisfied.
How clever am i?
just that I did not insert a stick in the middle part..
Actually I don't know what it is use for. 
As this heart can stand alone strong.... Please don't break it.
~~now I'm waiting him to come over for collection~~





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