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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Sorry, so late only upload HK's post
I'll randomized upload post as I'll made as much post as possible.
I guess you don't like me to tell such long stories and bore.

Out fit of the day~
When we arrive HK, realized the temperature is so cold!
and very soon, we went Argyle Mall to bought this 2 big knit wears
Cost only HKD 180 for 2!
thanks to miao lend me the boots.

Argyle mall is a bit like Sg Wang in KL.
Cheap stuff there~ However all winter clothing...
I could say that 1st day is our shopping day~
could u imagine that above perfume is all mine?
some are perfumes request from my colleagues
and the coat, with the big handbag (HKD110)~

right, enough for that.
Lets talk bout HK famous dim sum~

Do you spot me?
This is TIM HOU WAN dim sum
which located at Sam Shui Po.
Honestly, all these famous location is found by Ju lee
One of my function in HK is, to read chinese Menu for her.
(FYI, she is banana)
And oso speak broken cantonese
(where waiter talk to me in Chinese.hehe)
More or less, I felt like they thought me is from China =.=

we reached at 9.30am, and the queue is already that long
here is their famous amos Dim SUm

We are 1st batch to get in. 
Most of us got to share table.
their system is so nice and organized!
and they are QUICK

the Gui Fa Gou~
Sou pei Man Char Siew Bao
Crispy outer shell with juicy pork~ Yum!
My first time ever tried -HK chee cheong fun
with char siew~
here come prawn dumpling
Har Gao~
U gonna know, there is 2 big prawns inside each dumpling
Ju Lee's favorite
Siew Mai
with prawn and mushroom inside.
Some how the taste felt so different in HK. I don't know how to explain
she keep taking pictures
while those sit beside us keep looking at us
because when food came, 1st thing we do is take picture
after few shots only can eat.
while other HK ppl edi eat like hungry ghost.
Well, we did finished it quick. 
We even cleared all!!!
Guess how much are our breakfast?


{ rumtum tigger } at: January 27, 2011 at 10:41 AM said...

just realised something.. the timhowan we went to is not in sam shui po lar..

looks like u dont even know where u were! could hv sold u to someone.. hahaha

{ Blur Pei } at: January 27, 2011 at 10:24 PM said...

not meh.. i saw the add at menu there, 2 outlet... not sam sui po then is mong kok liao. hahaha




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