Real High School Musical

Saturday, January 29, 2011
was intended to upload some HK picture last few days. Just that when I finished up load those pictures...the fire fox auto close.. my uploaded pic gone (in blogger). fed I post my recently busy reason.

guys should know if you all follow my tweeter 
I've been busy practicing cheerleading moves for our company event
which theme is High School Musical.

We practice during lunch, after work.. then OT..
extremely ... busy. (but i still gain weight..duh)

Yesterday is the big event.. I get so nervous!
Till I awake at 5am...

here is the photos:
our performance~
while finished make up in the ladies
my teammates~  pretty not?
*stole this picture from Alice*
too bad my camera memory is full!!! 
I have to keep delete delete then take pic.
Here is our Time table~

Lou Yee Sang
Alice, me, christy, Cath~
 with Daniel (in front0 and kim with high school looks.
 all of us~
with rachel.. that is her last day =(
With Ai Ping, who also going to resign
My darling~
making fun of them... muahaha
tallest guy in HR.. 190cm!
and I m taller than him if only i... stand on 50cm height thing...
loving tem mates
pic below: leave for your imagination
ps: the guy below (weky) is actually watching Ah Shin (tall guy)

with Hsiao Ying~

Is a great success, we finished it, and we did it.
IS my 1st time dancing in front of 200+ people.
simple steps, but lots of effort.
very memorable experience I could say.





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