the dream land~ HK disney~

Friday, February 18, 2011
The third day of HK,
we planned a day for disney land
too bad the shopping center nearby dragged our time =P

Morning at dim sum again~(post the food later on)
was very excited
showing the donald duck entrance ticket while waiting food

drizzling in the morning

click for more~

superly cold while I just wearing thick leggings

so happy that I jump up the entrance
ignoring everyone around me

the street is so beautiful that I wish M'sia have all these

the mascot lover~
one thing come out of my mind that I asked Ju Lee
what if.. minnie the mascot, is a guy inside?
julee: I'm definitely not going to hugged it!!!
but.. how do you know?

in tarzan world
the pens
the streets...
felt like we are in cartoon cities
the food that made us don't want to eat...
is expensive too
original waffle HKD33
& tiramisu
there are nothing much more than the children play ground
we are big buffalo on the marry go round!!

walking pass halfway and one of the cleaner uncle gave us stickerssss
MR. goofy~
Duffy on selves
gonna buy? not going to buy??

is HKD 95 for small keychain...

the 3D theater
steal some honey
at the back of castle
i love donald duck!
cause I can make donald duck mouth!!!

we waited for the fire works at 7am everyday!
do you believe it?
after fire works
everyone rushed in the shops to buy things
it is so damn packed!!

the night castle
the quiet street...

really, I wish to go some other disney land!!





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