Office kiosk!

Friday, April 15, 2011
disclaimers: office desk is kinda messy!!!!

Is Office Life~
Office life begins with photos
these days I bring camera is to make some board deco needs
We need group pictures

Why suddenly need to do board deco?
cause some VIP of our company is coming for a visit.
everyone needs to do visual management as per request.
really, once again I feels like I was in secondary school again
doing those background large deco
Just that this time no score or competitions,
and very limited things can be done cause working mah, don have those cartoons!

I come up with an idea of face book. 
copy right? no la, copy a bit bit lo....
as face book is using PC, while we using white board
things get pretty busy when have to cut this and that.
have to work also... some how I manage cause a new joiner helping me =)

lets see our crazy pictures with our board.
cynthia - my senior~
working without looking at camera =.=

this is the only guy in our team, Weky~
dai lou~
well, the card wrote all the countries she in charged
the apprentice~ LOL
my darling, christy
the 'batt gu' (china girls)-in charge of china group
left: cynthia, catherine & theresa (new gal)
Indonesia team
Left: moni, darl, Chai Yin(team lead) & Pei Cheng (new)
Anny Yong (new also)
meeting~ fun meeting perhaps
hugs for the new gal

(left) Louis, the cute guy in company
sleepy neighbour
suasana huru hara!!
Our claims team... can nominate as most papers user!!
the claims book~ nice not?
we can put 'like' or comment on it!
By using post it notes

cath's place
others birthday cake...
'obviously my friend taking my camera and took it somewhere'
The another team eating party while we stand outside and look
saliva slow
Lastly, Singapore & KL team
left: Hsiao Ying, May Yun, Anny & Weky

that's all for our office kiosk everyday~
I'm officially an office lady!! ( OL is not Old Lady la, k?)
I am officially confirmed as an employee at Accenture days ago!
Hurray but no increment.. sobs





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