Happy 2 Years old!

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Happy 2 years old to me!

me?! nah!
just show u the way I edit my picture. not much differ, right?
lol~pink lens i was wearing.

Here you go, is little Amanda's birthday~
she is wearing pretty dress
with mountain of presents
she is so happy and energetic
Loves the way she is naughty too~
she knows how to hug and sayang people~
she knows after took picture, can see the display
her grandma cook her so many stuff
self took picture
for the first time she willing to hold still and not moving
love her so much.
the birthday cake
she try very hard to blow the candles
Her reactions is so cute and funny when she can't blow the candle
instead of blowing, she splits lots of saliva
haha... laugh till i roll on the floor

all of us...while teaching their maid to take picture with DSLR
see their frown face?

It is red velvet cake with cheese & vanilla topping
Kinda sweet and cheesie.. 
soft and creamy too.





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