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Friday, July 1, 2011
the Courage I wanna say does not mean the bravery that everyone could take for challenge.
However the process of meeting a health's result...

I'm not a strong/healthy girl since small. I has a lot of illness. My immune system is 0 even I take supplement ever DAY.
I wonder where are those vitamins went to....
Well, since the day I was born... I had admitted to hospital 3 times..suspected dengue cases for all 3 times..
First time when I was just 5 years old, then 12 & 13. Not a really good experience, till I really not afraid of needle which poke to my veins. I felt... immune to them. Then till not long ago, i was suspected by the doctor that I'm having dengue again when i was in college.  No doubt, I have to go to hospital everyday to have blood test for palette counts. This is the time I do not need admit hospital.. Hurray!
Thank god.. I'm still alive after 4th time of dengue fever suspecting case... and the end was fine.
And the very last time was when I fainted on toilet. I don't know what's wrong with me, but probably is that I vomit too much, everything I ate all vomited. I actually need to hospitalized, due to i have an exam the next day, i insist not to. Thurs, they dripped 2 bottles of 'glucose', and I have to lay there 2 hours to stable down.
Really, I thought I'm not afraid of consulting doctor anymore.

Okay, lets talk bout Dentist, I actually not hate it. I like dental check up during school time, because my teeth are quite nice in place =D *proudnya*So far I had one extraction of little tooth only in school. Dad is good enough for taking me to dentist regularly. Until the day where I stop schooling, Wisdom teeth made my life miserable for 2 months. According to dentist, I got to extract my lower Wisdom tooth as they grow in 90 degree horizontal, that made my neighbour tooth rotten in half!! I dono where my courage come from, I even drive myself to dentist and had 2 little surgeries(of course 2 weeks alternatively before 2nd wisdom teeth being plug).  These 2 wisdoms, made my tonsils get infected, I cant swallow food, just liquid... serious ulser every where around throat. Thanks to them, I lost weight after that... then the another 2 upper wisdom teeth to be extract too. oh ya, plus one crowning for the half rotten tooth. that cost.....dono..luckily my dad sponsor lah =P

then now.. i guess every women (mostly) got this UTI (Urinary tract infections). Burning/pain while urine..blood seen, urge to urine but just drops of them come out. Really, this time I scared. I'm so afraid of consulting doctor until yesterday I had a fever, and i realized the infections might getting worse. So far I haven't met any doctor for genital parts..(choi! I don hope it came often) I think... this is every woman's fear especially genital part infections. Besides of fear, embarrassment did also the main concern. A urine test is taken, and that's all. Result come in a minute time, then doctor consultations, medications.. and that's all. I'll need to come back and check up for any improvement or ".." ('choi'!) don wan to think about it.I would like to thank my colleagues who accompanied me to clinic... sobs.. so touching.
I got this...UTI might probably due to holding the urge of urine too frequently.  As an advise, don't play play. Go toilet once you really NEED, don't care who are the VIP people is in front of you.

Anyway, don't take your health as a challenge.


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: July 4, 2011 at 9:18 AM said...

i had that too >< *macam so proud* lol..not a good experiences..very very pain when i wanna from that on.. i dont care how many time i go to toilet..even my colleague nex to me...NEVER go to toilet.. i wonder how they can tahan >< lol

{ Blur Pei } at: July 5, 2011 at 9:29 PM said...

lol, later they will know *curse them*




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