I'm Beach Girl

Sunday, July 17, 2011
For those people who knows me well,
I LOVE beach!
whenever there are plans to beach, I cant resist...
I know beach is dangerous la, tsunami? 
hm hm, then only see la. CHOI

I missed beach already since last 2 weeks event
I may continue the activities we had there.
the red team.
Still I don't know them..I forgotten their name!
still glad to know them actually
some of them is really sporty!
after invented our team cheer, we have to perform
here is our last minutes cheers
don't ask me the slogan. I also forgotten
the guy waving flag is actually highest level management people from accenture
he is really a funny uncle guy
he can be as childish as a boy, maybe is the effect from his kids.
and he still treat us like kids.

one legged competitions
I'm out of this choice due to my 'weak' figure. lolz
I'm glad also, cause all of them come back with bruises.
you know? is WAR!!!
you see you see, our red team is gone
we, red team, no strategy at all, don't mine loosing
we just want enjoy.
I dont care the prize la, just jusco voucher
by the time divided, just got RM20each people. neh~
next, we have to sit-up race.
we have to sit and stand up together with a circle
then whole circle run to another point
that point, some of us need to run to the sea and get sea water to fill up a 1.5L bottle.
use whatever you could, except utensils.
first thing we could think is hat
it is really really exhausted !
I quit running since xxx years ago.
now run on sand some more.
last game, the centipede
8ppl tied up each others leg
it is super difficult...
everyone have to be constant
I think we got the last 2 from all the team. hahaha

okok, jump to where we practicing our dance
we are in the midst of discussing
imma poser!

on the little stage we go.
sapu je.. dance anything

drinking session after dinner
suasana riuh rendah
taking photos~~
dance, drink , dance drink....
taking picture with dono who... LOL
y does this happen??
Christy: i very tired la, i wanna sit down
Me: oh, there got a chair, but got 2 guys there wor
me: nvm la, go sit down 
christy just sit down
then suddenly some guys come and sit the rest of the chairs
me whisper to christy: omg, i think this table is occupied
christy: how ah??
me: just sit a while lo, don care. LOL
then a camera guy walked by and ask to take picture
*snap snap snap*
and, tada... here is why.





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