When love showers

Sunday, July 17, 2011
Is bout going to 3 weeks..
love hunger go to the maximum.. LOL
it's pretty hard to meet him every week once
I understand the work commitment 
I dare not take his future as challenge. 
I went to bought this "lubang lubang" top just to go out date with him!
(F block RM46)
OMG ~ got myself shocked now.
and I took nearly an hour to got this look...
erm... I know I'm crazy
I just wan to make myself look pretty to go for a day out..
with him
it might be a bit over exaggerate for him =P
I guess he prefer a natural look.
and he likes my hair being all tied up..tidy wor

It has been a while I do not have such a powerful excitement when going out with him
or shall I say, every dates makes me wonderful,
but today does gave me some butterfly flying in the stomach. HAH!
for over past 5 and a half years. bah! (no, not lying)
I hardly purposely bought outfit to go out with him
I hardly wear eye shadows. (by right you remember it had been quite a while ya)
and also picture taking
we hardly bring camera out
even though we did, we are shy couple to take picture our own.
the above picture taken outside my house corridor. lol
I don't know why I have the urge to do that.
Maybe...I'm just wan to remember the crazy heart beats I had today with him
*then guess what he had done to me  =)
Lovely, we went for Transformer
his shopping, my shopping and crabs at Puchong. =D
the only way to make him likes the clothes is to push him to the fitting room
(cause normally he don't try on clothes, bought it then don like and dump it,such a waste!)

This CoCi CoCi booth of pretty make up
at Midvalley 1st floor around center court
I don't know whether it is nice to use, but all of them are very low price
with cute package. (too bad I already got a lot of make up products)
I only bought this mascara, as mine already dried.
is also a reason why I wearing false lash today.
there are a range of mascara there, I look confuse.
I just asked which is the best seller
with my 'blind' eyes, when the promoter took one for me with this sticker
"our best seller", i was like, hahaha...
then I took it without trying.. as I'm wearing false lashes
guess how much?? it is only RM12.90!
it is 3 in one, high volume , lengthen and water proof!
worth a try la, right?

I'm not teenage anymore...
still I got pimples.
Is best that I got something to rely on when an outbreak at a 'period' of time
went into SaSa and here they promote this
it contain tea tree oil which helps cure blemish
and some sort of chemical that fade your scar/marks.
worth a try cause it is 50% discount!!!
Dr G brand that now sell RM49 only.
I not sure if it is effective, I'll tel u when the day come *dono when la*
small bottle but I think can let me use for years.

blue lens that I wore today and also at PD
RM25 at OUG night market. (i like this!)

Hair treatment serum...
it works for my hair. Bought in Gerlin salon *price is mystery*

'diamond' earring from F block at RM16.90

that's all for the day
Thanks dear for spending time with me.


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: July 18, 2011 at 8:45 AM said...

hmm your comment box should change to below instead of above lar ..

btw i love your "natural" make up :)
n i prefer your hair loose down lar.

{ Blur Pei } at: July 20, 2011 at 10:59 PM said...

means without make up?




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