The company trip

Sunday, July 10, 2011
Is a company trip on our 4th Quarter OGP event
Near yet far, is at Port Dickson Avillion cove
really~ I never thought we had amazing room and fun.
Just that the rely, many road closure that made us hard to travel to KL central to meet up

the goodie bag that everyone has
T shirt with our own color team, I'm RED team
hat, batch and bracelet
the flower made bracelet, hand made by the committee!
they really made an hard effort
combination with HAWAIIAN theme at the night dinner

we are divided into 10 teams randomly select
means, we are not at same working team, we are completely separated from each other
but is good, we know more people around us.

we taking bus according to team
i'm in red red~
we had a changed after came into hotel
we then have ice breaking,speech and finally,
create our team name and logo with flag~

then, check in!
look at our hotel room
love love love
guess what, we scream out loud after seeing this room
King size double bed, a great laying sofa with lots of cushions
a desk n chair
the next thing me and christy know what to do is...
roll all over the bed and sofa and jumping around excitedly! 
insane? u say~
large toilet,too bad there is no bath tub :P

Tv, bench and large table
it is actually is a single bed sofa~
some sort of mini dining area with basin!
our sea view!! I wish i has a bungalow there

the side table.

when moni and therasa came
we had our stretching before some team building activity
yoga girls~

sorry, i did not bring camera down to beach when playing games,
my camera is not dust proof and water proof
we are playing under the hot sun
tired, hot, sweats, wet, sandy, strength!
we tried our best for everything....
but my team did not win. hahaha
we enjoy the process actually.
in between, we got free ice cream and food.

then we went back to get some rest, and wash up
I manage to see sunset~before dinner
quickly wash myself up
and prepare my hawaii looks into this:
pretty not?
with moni
darling and me with maxi
with cute theresa
same batch orientation mates~

oh yea, we will have performance during dinner
yea, everyone.
Team leader will lucky draw and get a song,
each of team got 30mins to prepare the dance
We've got macarena
and we dance, within top 5 out of 10. we are SHOCK
sorry, no prize for us.

Picture time~
darling, cynthia and me
cute canny
Janice, the new joiner in AP
she is really a sporty and creative girl
with Kenny ( I think should be spell like this?)
just got to know him too
Sophia among us
with the reddish theresa
oh, finally I'm fairer then him. LOL
seems like i'm not so dark after beach.
claims beauty with an outsider....muahaha
catherine actually nominated as best dress
however, another Brazilian won due to her hand made fruity hat!
mixing all of us, the HR department
After this event, we heard that there is one function room held for our young ones
dancing and chilling with mini bar...yes, indeed a drinking sessions too
some of our colleagues drunk and mess in the toilet
required a guy to carry her..she is still that funny. hahaha
i don't want to tel is who ler.
she is so embarrassed to see him the next day.
Christy did threw up too... aiks.
then I'm awake the whole night.

Next morning, we had our breakfast and get some walk around beach
again, I did not bring camera
yes theresa, I know I make you better.

fun teeth

we packed up and check out after 12pm
get ourselves our lunch
then wait for the bus
all of us are so damn tired

spec after sun glasses...
I reached home at bout 4pm...
till i really settle down is already 5pm

I want to take some nap, request mum to dabao for me
But she insist to call me up to dinner,
i rather don't nap...
so far.. writing these without rest.
night all


{ xavier_vj } at: July 10, 2011 at 9:35 PM said...

u oso so efficient ler.. write blog rite after reach home.. lolxx.. XD

Thia thia at: July 10, 2011 at 9:44 PM said...

We really enjoy this OGP..Lol...hope nxt time we cn organize our team outing at here...

Christy at: July 10, 2011 at 10:10 PM said...

yea~~really enjoyed =)
enjoy with Thia thia too~~
Thanks darl taking care of me~~

{ Blur Pei } at: July 11, 2011 at 10:48 PM said...

yeah, enjoy with u all ~ bcoz of u all filled my life~




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