Ang mo cousin

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
I'll be busy entertaining my cousin from now on till next month
yes, less updates cause I afraid she peek on my blog and found my grammar mistakes...

Britain mix M'sian Chinese.
Leng lui not? she is only 19! so young..
i like wearing nerd spec, friends said my face will looks smaller
cause the spec is bigger, lolz
My feet pain while walking in sunway pyramid with my 2 inch heels
I cant find a place to sit!!! so I simply went in Forever 21 shop 
Cin Cai bring 2 dress and went to fitting room then sit on floor
I know is dirty, but I feel comfy, then I took my hp out to take some pictures
test on dress, I like the above dress!
is RM99 =( 
I got an annual report from my adopted girl
She is taking this picture with frown face ...sigh
seems like terpaksa took picture with her dad. hahaha
she is already in primary school and her health is fine
with her little palm compare with mine (my palm consider small already!)

Having some Moo Cow yogurt ice cream while waiting at Zan Mai Sushi
long queue, and my colleague suggest we eat ice cream while queuing
It is yummy cream yogurt and you can feel a little bit of sour-ness
less sugar, less fats, how healthy!
as they call it frozen yogurt.

Mid autumn festival is around the corner
Moon cakes sell in this bag
cute not? if u bought 4 pieces of 谷城 moon cakes
you will get this free bag.
there is another with doreamon one.
they have this durian favour's
I din try one, but my colleagues said nice.

they suggest fruits favor.

alright, is time to sleep~
next will share some lomo pictures if possible
Selamat Hari Raya!





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