Saturday, September 3, 2011
I really appreciated and felt so thankful to my cousin who come to M'sia
why? because of her, I got to know more about Malaysia
Appreciation, I guess is the best to describe my feelings now.

When she's in KL, we bring her to every corner of KL which I have not really explore before
pass by is not counted as went before, but when you really step on the floor and walk around
you feels the different! (besides the hot weather, where we can't avoid)

It's like normal, when someone important is around you, you never appreciated and you treated like it is a must that they will appear every morning you wake up or every weekend showed on dating.
However what you haven't know is the things happened for the next seconds and you will really regret because of these. No turning back!

okay, start from today, appreciated everyone besides you that you love or he/she love you and also love yourself, take care of your forgoodness HEALTH.
Not only people, but also all the necessary objects, buildings, flowers, grass, water... especially the scenery!

alright, enough for mumbling , here are some lomo pictures taken in Putrajaya.

I've been there a lots of times, but never step forward to touch the ground
(no, doesn't mean I'm floating)
It is empty during the 1st day of Hari Raya
smell like just after the end of the world and we are the only survivors.
hahah... we can even snap on the middle of the road.






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