Behind the scene

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
You've seen the beautiful pictures
but you don't know the reality we face...
lets begin by introducing our models:
wake up early in the morning,
make up (i took less than 30mins to make up!)
Cm is the driver and we headed for breakfast near my house.
then we only started to look for google map by Miao's iphone
She is the only one with smart phones. (thank you)
we over drive the road and U-turn back
and we saw great park is over there.
still, we spend an hour in car helping other girls to make up
I still need more practice
*stick till miao's lashes drops half way*
*CM single eyelid, I failed to make it become double lids*
except wc's she is the most easy part...
then we move out of the car
heading to the building but a guard stop us and said cannot take photo!
I thought he said cant took indoor.
fine, we go out door.
It is sunny noon!
very very very hot
we went inside the glass room
special wired seats
Miao try to take some art pictures
we started to snap here and there
there is a pond beautifully calm there
miao miao
wc turn to snap pictures
Miao's bf, Zn came to join us
he become the photographer
I started to take out my lomo and snaps
okay, a ugly pose.

we are so tired after few hours due to the hot sun.
when we just wanna step back to the Japanese restaurant located nearby
the guard, out of no where came to us again!
said it is not allowed to take pictures...
I not sure, I can't see any 'No Picture Allowed' sign board!
he says need RM500 for one hour photo shoot
what the.... we ignore him and walked away
if he insist we pay, we'll just delete all pictures.
after that, we saw some parents do bring their DSLR here too.
sigh.. what a tiring day.





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