Bad Skin

Sunday, September 18, 2011
First of all, I won't let you see my skin now...
I would like to present my Kebaya costume wearing~
Borrowed from my Big cousin sister (center,mother of 2)
Why suddenly wearing these? 
as my Angmo cousin sis(right) haven't really wear one.
so I'm joining the crowd. =)
is also my 1st time wearing.
FYI, it is quite hot! I wonder why/how Malay could stand this.
Seoul Garden BBQ! it is nice!!but costly as well.
My USB fans in office
use it when on public holidays
one dump look before ugly picture

Frown/sad face, would let u see my awful skin
why is my photos have good skin?
First, I did some make up~, next is some photo editing =)
I'll get so lazy sometimes

Honored present my Fat granules....
these are some of my fat granules around my eyes area.
As my friend said it will grows more and getting bigger
I was so terrified!!!!
I thought it is nothing to care about.. but I gets more worries
as over the years, they did spread more!
Now is over my right and left face, going to spread more on my cheeks
I don't want the bumpy feelings going far...>.<
i consult nearby clinic whereby my friend introduced
by the way, my friend just laser hers on her neck.

After consult the doctor...he tells me 3 main skin problems I'm having now.
besides fats granule (he did mentioned the scientific name, but I could not catch up)
I have big open pores with many pimple scars
pimples without heads on my foreheads.
all these can be done by laser treatments.
But I have to attend 3 treatments separately each month
one treatment cost bout RM300+
he said I can regain my radiant flawless skin.
I'm so tempted to take all these RM1k cost. but...
I'm not going for a beauty contest or modeling =D

one more thing I could not believe what he is telling me..
I've got dry skin. All the shimmer surface is not my face oil!
he saw my dried lines across my skin....
guess I'm going to change my skin care now.
no more oil control, but Anti-age I think? Water base?

he gave me another options, as to kill my fats granule 1st
 which using differ method that only cost RM160+
the rest will using cream to control.
 I think, i'll go for this, before my fats getting more =P
some more, I'm currently consuming collagen!!
Meiji Amino Collagen, I would like to give it a chance before any laser...
I bought it via my Team Lead (click here for more details)
Originally brought from Japan
As she is also consuming this, she has great skin complexion! 
her skin maintained just like the young girls in early 20s!
yes yes, I don't recommend for young ones
at least consume at bout 25 YO and above (ah hem!)
go to her blog, she is selling great deals!
now she is also advertising another Collagen which is Sheseido Brand.
have a look.
I'll write my review soon after my laser next month 
and the result I feels bout the collagen =)





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