Thursday, September 15, 2011

Enough for lomo~
Is Hari Raya Season
we got to know that we have to decorate our office with ketupat last mins,
nono, actually is we don have time to do those things >.<
and we dono how to do ketupat!
The very last minutes, I learn how to do ketupat!
believe me, is not really easy.
fingers job
Catherine is so happy of her First ketupat
the actual size
small starbucks cup as tester.
is a new flavor!
Creme brulee Macchiato
1st sip is bitter, but the rest is nice!

office deco
my small ketupat
big ketupat we made, by 2 people!
we use it as a storyline for this competition
we are not aim for prize, just a last min idea =P
we call it as Crada~ (imitation of Prada, lol)
they have birthday celebrations
my senior gave me this =.=
as in I'm crazy in working prize. lolz





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