lonely and filthy weekend

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Don't mention much about what is happening last saturday
Till I really got the pictures.
Is a tiring experience....

Today I was all alone as my Brother suddenly went of to MUAR
My parent is on vacations.
Boyfriend on job trip down Penang.
Already two weeks...i feel... sometimes i need him yet too far
However I still able to depend on myself, & without parent nagging
I felt overall i done everything in relax!

Is a busy though free day
not boring as i got so much to do.

First, I wanna bring my Hp to repair at mid valley and apply my Credit card.
Manatau... have to bring it to service center and repair.
i really felt so fed up with it(the handphone), wanna dump it from the Garden's top floor.
but no good if hurt anyone down there, so i didn't.

Thus i'm using the most basic handphone now. 
(narrow screen with only can read 2 sentence)
glad still can be use. temper being controlled.

Is an art day I could perhaps show some of my tiny fingers works
they rest for quite some time... (except keyboard typing parts)
Is my first paper work thingy.
Out come? (stay cool and wait ya) hahaha~
not going to announce till next month

My cooking spirit just lights up
When i told my BF (via mobile) that I'm going to cook today
he repeated twice and the 3rd time only he sense something is not right
yes, I hardly cook
My mum don't let me mess up her kitchen
well, I got to eat sometimes and cook when she is not around
I'm a bad girl messing around her kitchen just now.
I thought I would have to go out again and bought some vege
bf remind me to check fridge and found these is what I got there.
especially chinese sausage (Lup Cheong)
bf eventually suggest me to cook lup cheong rice in a very easy way.
yes, he know how to cook, how grateful i'm.
he roughly tells me how to cook
thus, I search trough net and got a recipe
So i started to chops at bout 5.30pm.
ingredients: Onions, Garlics, Lup Cheong, Carrots, Chilies and Green Vege & egg
Materials: pepper, salts, water, rice (measurements is base on serving)
First of all, I fried garlics & carrots on fry pans.( a bit differ from the link above), then i put everything into rice cooker except egg & vege. I add all those, base on instinct. lolz! Cause it is just for one serving, I can't adjust the rice and water nicely. after rice is cooked, I then cracked egg and mixed with the rice inside rice cooker. Then I keep it warm for 5 mins. 
Next, I stir fry my green vege with little mince garlic & carrots. (just nice 5 mins, and everything is served at right time).

Here it is the out come.
it is a bit watery (clumps together d. *sigh)
well, nevermind, I'm the one served myself, I'm not going to over judge.
the serving is too big.. I can't finish, so I plan to left some for tomorrow's lunch =) 

and now my finger is being - so spicy and pain
cause I use fingers to clear the chillies seeds. 
ya, I'm a cook dump dump...

alright, I'm fulled, wanna start chasing my dramas. bye~





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