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Saturday, October 29, 2011
Is a day of my friends' inter beauty competition
She chose me, and I become one....
more to come, don vomit ya~~
is me!

is a saturday morning, went to her house to rush everything except face make up
they only allow 45mins for face make up
kinda fantasy make up, so u can see my looks are so...FANTASTIC!
am wearing white~
yes, I got 2 horizontal straight hair...
which are quite inconvenient, cause when I turn around, i tends to hit ppl....
sorry, i not purposely de.

my friend, miao(left) and her make up artist
she dressed like a space heroin!
other models,
I actually wearing 2 layers of eye lashes, it is so damn heavy!
my eyes sore afterwards...
tears flowing after modeling/cat walk.
I tahan for so long
the other competitors

Above is the winner

here is me cat-walking
my overall looked.
noticed the blink powders on my shoulder...
it is really a huge fuss for me to remove
and also my stick hair with a lots of spray and gels.
till now i still can smell them!
with my friends~ right(red) is wc~
my hair is too straight till I don't know how to pose with them
see, i actually 'overwrite' miao
miao showing her nailsss

wc is praying

note my long lashes? 
and the optic laser light on my hair~

last lovely pictures

we skipped lunch for this competitions
we had steamboat after that where the make up artist belanja us one meal
cause we did for them FOC.
right after dinner, I went back to friends house
she help me to remove make up and all things
she bought one hair conditional for me
is a tortured.. I conditioned 3 times, wash with sampoo and conditioned again
the sticky glitters powder all using tape to remove out.
by the time i reached home already 10pm!!!!
i went back and washed 2nd time again....
skin wanna drop!


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: October 30, 2011 at 11:36 PM said...

hmm..wc praying dont pk when catwalk? ;p




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