Out of city~

Monday, October 31, 2011
This is a wonderful trip together
full of difficulty at first, and enjoy at last, but winding road made him crazy~
(he seems happy hor?)
I just wanna thank him
He put aside his work (due to his boss unreasonable ordered to stay on weekend)
drove all the way from penang in the middle of night
next day drove me together to Cameron Highland

we prayed hard that no raining, however it did.

Cameron is somehow crowded, we did not manage to get to any parks
raining, and crowded and even jammed.
I enjoyed the view there while he's driving.
i told him how much I love the view there and the cool breeze air
We stayed at Strawberry Park resort.
Tioga studio suite for 2 adults and children
seems like I had booked the wrong room..I have no children
is expensive but it is a huge room
I love the outlook there
our room
2 single beds.. >.<
sorry it is blured.
but the bathroom is attached with closet
too bad no bath tub : (

with Sofa
nice view with table and chairs
a place we enjoyed our snacks

went out for our 'lunch' and 'dinner'
love having steamboat in this cool weather.
he don't even sweats~
while we having steamboat, drizzle rain drops
we went to the market
he bought me a bouquet of roses with Only RM25~ haha
then we bought corn and cactus
then we have a walk surround our resort
we sneak to the spa and take pictures

bought and tried honey comb
it is sweet, but is healthy!

at night, we went to club house's disco.
ya know? no one is there and we drank RM50+ Chivas (2cups)
then Rm20+ one beer
okay.. just wanna take some picture there


we had a little discussions of where to go later on
I actually wanna go to Boh tea place
is actually at sg Palas there, but I showed the wrong one
we went to the Boh Factory
Very narrow road with a lots of cornering
dangerous as it is raining and only one way
after insist, he brought me there.
Cause I really wanna go there 
and I dono when is my second time there after this.
although he try to persuade me of going next time, he brought me there after i insist.
till there, I really afraid he is unhappy
Due to the narrow road, he is frustrated while driving
I convince him it is a nice place then there we reached
He found out it is a nice place after we reached there
this was when I found out it is not the place I desire
I felt sorry to him & to my surprise, he and I enjoyed there.
we bought some tea
and have a tea break there
when heavy rains falls, we stared at the cool mist... nice tea hill
a lot of foreigner there relaxing
souvenir but I din't bought any.
How could anyone will reject this placE?
all greens and cooling
nice air 
we drove down to tapah after that.
really it's a dangerous place
on the way, we went to market and bought strawberries  and so on.

while on the way back,
once again i asked if he would like to go there again
the answer is 'yes'
I love him.





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