Strawberry Candy

Monday, October 31, 2011
I begins to start mini step on cooking.... Shall say, not cooking, it is a desert. I love easy steps...
Since I bought a lot of SOUR strawberries .. I wanna make candy strawberries!

First, I choose brown sugar and put suitable amount of water.
make sure don too much water~ just nice for dissolve after heating.
Boiled until it bubbles...and shimmer stir it.
wash and cut the strawberries, 
make sure it is wipe & dry. or else sugar wont stick on it.
off the fire when the sugar water is concentrate
now dip the berry
see the stickiness?
to best serve after refrigerated
for instant serving, dip the sugar coated strawberry in ice cold water
to make the coat more solid
sugar coated
yum yum~
make a few to my colleagues
hope they love these. =P





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