women swings mood!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Women care more about feelings, relations and emotions
why emotional is always connected with women?
is that when women can has 4 main moods in one day
That's what guys always said: PMS or moods swing!

I'm not sure why, but we cannot handle/control.
With relations thingy, I wonder if guys having the same as women?
No matter how we were occupied with things , we still have some slots to think of other nonsense things. or only me?

For example, when i am working (like every guys), i'll think of "later i'm gonna call her"/ "mama is going to shopping, should ask her buy some chocolates...etc"

Splits seconds, I don't know what am I doing, and some how i nearly done wrong things, as always. sigh.. Apologized is too late. lolz. but i feels real bad.

Yes, I even manage to think of everyone while i'm driving!! I don like driving!! I'm typical type B blood!
or may consider as hardly interfered by others. another word is BLUR?!

back to topic:
therefore, i think guys can be more concentrate than women.
However women are much more sensitive(high alert) than guys, true not?





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