What is in My bag...

Sunday, November 27, 2011
Not Much.
If I did make up go out, I'll bring small pouch out for touch up:
say, Eyeliner, coz my oily eyelids always mess up
Then curler with mascara, just in case.
Lip Gloss... or Lip balm is a must
Coz my thick lips took too wide space, easily cracked. =.="
powder foundation to touch up my shiny face.
comb, PURSE, Tissues, Wet Tissue for stubborn eyeliner smudge...
pouch for girl thingy, water bottle for sure
(I could not survive without water for 2hours)
umbrella (when I know i going outdoors only)
Acess card n name tag for working day,
scarf when movie day. I'm really afraid of cold!
Last but not least, everyone must- Handphone!
I just changed to Samsung S2, which is my best companion small "PC"
whereby, it is very useful when waiting friends who are late, while being a lamp post, 
or a night out with not so close friends (hardly la)
close friend won't see me keep on busying with phone cause we will chat non stop already.
unless sharing apps. ^^
That's all.  Am I bring too many things?
somehow i felt my bag is always heavy...
I'll bring fresh pac of biscuits sometimes or sweets,
better than I bring a rotten fish in there.. yeww! (read here)





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