Silky feet

Monday, December 5, 2011
I had cracked heel feet!
my dad's feet is prettier than mine..
I feel enlighten when my colleague told me there is a foot mask
Coincidentally, Cosway do have one promotions (i think is over already)
Without doubts, I bought it. 
Cheaper than market price. with foot cream too~
it is easy, wrap both feets for an hour half, and wash your feets.

after 2-3days, i felt my feet just like a plastic wrapping around it.
after 4days, the feet's skin automatically peel off

do remember to wear socks after that, so that your dead skin won't flakes out your floor.
I can't tahan to peel off one by one and it doesn't pain or hurts
note that my heel's skin are thick! so it took sometimes to left completely left out
my office seat are floats with my skin. lolz

after that, is :

Silky feet~~ 
to keep on healthy feet, needed to take care of them by applying lotions every nights.
worth a try~





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