Spending Christmas

Sunday, December 25, 2011
This year is the most happening christmas of my life
especially in the company itself
events and events
it is not special but meaningful

Last 2 days of Xmas, we saw a Santa socks on our desk Each
it is cute and filled with chocolates
it is really surprised

Beryl chocolates! variety of them.
shopping with my colleague to get present for the exchange
since past month, we had working hard on decorating our office, not for price
just for the fun!

then is team dinner before Christmas eve
look of the day
Christmas presents we bought for each other

we went to La Bodega for our dinner at Bangsar

one of the presents received by the guy
one whole team.
missed out catherine cause she's going back hometown early after food.
us after work, went wild!

so she got her present opened first =)

we actually give out presents after ordered and having a topic of
"Guess who gave the gift"
cause we keep it secret!
proudly, most of them guess it correct. Claims team are smart people
we can guess by single handwriting!hahaha

shortly after the food arrived, we stop our presents opening and start hauling the food
sausage tapas
 (with tomato gravy)
free flow bread, and it is nice with tapas!!!
lamb shank with big bone!
spaghetti .. i forgot the name
creamy mushroom pie, hot, melty and crispy outside
thin pizza with salmon and cheese
it is Paella 
the next thing i knew.. it taste rather too salty ..
it is boiled with rice that is quite fragrance though. 

so we continue with our present opening one by one and 
the person who chose this gift need to tell why
well, some of my friends are taurus, all are reality type
we gave a present with countless meaning and chose the one you need. 
doesn't mean everyone did not, we do sometimes get it wrong
is the way of appreciations

see how happy? =)
she got my gift, just because i wrap with thousand layers,
cause she said she likes to open present. haaha~
noted moni beside her is still looking at her favorite gift from christy.

a gift from weky~
shining stars! 
it rocks!

then an unexpected present from Cynthia (my senior)
she actually bought each of us (the china team) one present
so kind of her, gave me mask which i am almost finished mine
especially the elbow wan, coz my elbow looks dirty dark.
hopes this mask helps
i dono got such elbow mask.
Thanks a millions!

X'mas eve.
spend time with my dear
had our lunch at tony roma
grilled salmon salad
mojo chicken
and apple pie ice-cream

we spend time in the Garden
booked our ticket and enjoy at GSC signatured Garden
cause I think we deserved a comfy seat at this special day.
it is really nice!

well well.. on christmas day ..
i spend most of the time home 
wish the foot massage shop is open.
then steam boat of the night.





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